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Enrollment & Special Fees Portal

This page is for all your enrollment, chow, re-enrollment and special drill fees or payments.  We use PayPal for our online payment system which means that a small fee is charged for using this service. You are welcome to alternatively send in a check in the appropriate amount, made payable to FDR Sea Cadets for any payments. 

Note - if you have a Paypal account, you should log in when prompted. You can alternatively choose "Pay with Debit or Credit Card". 

Enrollment & Annual Re-enrollment Fees

First Time Enrollment Fee $200

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First time enrollment fee can be paid here. This fee is payable upon first applying to Sea Cadets and covers your initial membership fees to USNSCC as well as your unit fees and uniform deposit. Initial enrollment is $200.  Please inquire about sibling discounts at

Sibling Discount $150

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Additional Siblings after 2 = $100

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If you enroll multiple siblings, the enrollment fee is reduced by $50 per child. Email for enrollment of more than two siblings at one time.

For each additional sibling signed up after the first two, the enrollment fee drops to $100. First use the button above for the first two, then use this button for each additional child registered.

Annual Renewal Fee $90

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Re-Enrollment fees are paid annually on the anniversary of your initial enrollment. This is $90. 

Chow Payment $TBD

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Pay here for chow for drill. The fee is $6 but with Paypal fees it will be $7.  You can alternatvely send cash with your cadet if you want to avoid fees.

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