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Please note that the TSR and FD Roosevelt Units at NAS Jacksonville are currently AT CAPACITY.  If you have not already received an invitation to the 06 January 2024 session, you must re-apply for April - but there are no guarantees that the unit will have openings at that time either. 


If any one of the following circumstances exist, please contact for a waiver review:

  • Child of active duty military at NAS Jacksonville
  • Child of civilian employee at NAS Jacksonville
  • Sibling of current cadet
  • Other special circumstance you would like to discuss

REFERRAL OPTION TO ANOTHER LOCAL UNIT: Our sister unit, NS Mayport Division, who drills and meets at the Naval Station Mayport in Jacksonville, Florida is still accepting cadets at this time. To send an inquiry to NS Mayport Division - please email or complete this Mayport New Cadet Interest Form. You may visit their site at
New Cadet Enrollment General Information

FD Roosevelt Squadron holds approximately 3 new cadet enrollment periods per year -- August (Summer Join-up), January (Winter Join-up) and April (Spring Join-up). Our enrollment process consists of attending an Info & Enrollment Session where parents and cadets learn about the program and all of the opportunities and obligations. At the session, new cadets can complete their application and get fitted for uniforms. 

At their first drill, the new cadet will attend onboarding sessions for the day and get to meet the cadets in the unit. They are issued their uniforms (as available) and then at the end of the day, are assigned to their respective squads.  During onboarding, the cadets can ask questions, learn basic military courtesies, essential drill/parade moves, get fitted for uniforms, and learn other fundamental information about the Sea Cadets to help them join the regular unit with confidence. 

To join, a prospective cadet must have attended an Info Session and have all indicated application and supplemental paperwork completed and have paid their enrollment fee. Initial enrollment is $200, which includes uniforms, seabag, name tapes, patches, ribbons and other equipment. Thereafter, the annual renewal fee is $90.  On occasion, the unit may travel to camp grounds, bases, museums and other locations and that drill may incur nominal special fees.   

If for some reason, you cannot attend any of the Info & Enrollment Sessions, please contact our Recruiting Officer at  

Recruiting Staff

FD Roosevelt Squadron, Region 062

NAS Jacksonville

WHAT TO BRING TO THE INFO & ENROLLMENT SESSION: to speed the enrollment process, please complete the forms attached to your Info Session confirmation email or you can download them here.

1) Download and fill out the MEMBER INFORMATION form - This is a fillable document so you can type in the information. If you fill it out by hand - please print very clearly. Then print and bring those pages with you to the Info & Enrollment Session. Note that all dates should be entered using this format: "13 AUG 22". NOTE: your cadet will need a separate and unique email address to enroll in order to complete their coursework. Please have this prepared beforehand to speed your cadet's enrollment.

2) Download the Medical Exam form to take to your healthcare provider. You will complete the rest of the medical information and history online in a parent portal. You will need to have a sports physical done prior to the first drill. PRO TIP: go ahead and make an appointment now!  We will provide you with the Sea Cadet Medical Exam Form - your doctor can use their own form but we ask that they copy the relevant information also on to our DoD based form. 

3) Read, review, and sign the CO's Top 6 and Rules and Regulations. Cadet AND parent must sign. 


4) Bring a copy of your child's immunization form (same as provided to your school)

5) Bring a copy of your insurance card, or proof of insurance letter (for military, use MilConnect (  to download proof of insurance - do not copy your military ID!.  if you do not have insurance, a statement of this must be provided by the parent).

6) Enrollment Fee of $200 (sibling discount = $300 for two) --payable through our Fee Portal or by check payable to FDR Sea Cadets.

7) Cadets should wear a tee shirt and basketball style shorts to ease uniform measurement.


After Application, Acceptance and Enrollment - Your First Drill

What to Bring to your First Drill - League Cadets (10-13*)

* 10-13 years old and in 7th grade and lower. 

Any missing items from your enrollment package

Wear plain dark blue t-shirt (Hanes), basketball/gym shorts (mid-thigh, blue or black preferred) and gym shoes

Paid enrollment fee

√ Personal hydration: water bottle, canteen or camelbak or other brand hydration pack, filled with water.

What to Bring to your First Drill - Sea Cadets (13*-17)

* Must be 13 years old and in 8th grade or higher.

Any missing items from your enrollment package

Wear plain dark blue t-shirt (Hanes), basketball/gym shorts (mid-thigh,, blue or black preferred) and gym shoes

Paid enrollment Fee 

√ Personal hydration: water bottle, canteen or camelbak or other brand hydration pack, filled with water.

Comply with Grooming Standards - Applies to ALL CADETS

Regulation haircut or style (Males - “fade” cut, no hair touching ears, no hair on head longer than 4”. Females - long hair pulled into bun at nape; short styles neat per Female Hairstyle Regulations)

No jewelry (including piercings) except necklace-wear that can be hidden under t-shirt

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