Unit Communications

Cadets should use the buttons below to communicate with Unit Staff.  If your phone or computer will not open an email, follow the instructions for including the proper subject line in your email. Cadets should follow proper email etiquette when communicating.  

DRILL - LEAVE OF ABSENCE - use this form to notify the unit that you will be absent or late to a drill and include the reason. The unit leadership reserves the right to determine whether the  stated reason is sufficient for an excused absence. Excused absences include: school, family or church, sports conflicts, medical excuses are granted only if it prevents you from attending at all - not just prevents you from PT or marching (illness, flu). If a cadet could attend school with the medical condition, they can attend drill.

SUPPLY NEEDS- use this to report any missing items to your uniform or other issued equipment (lost cover, buckle, blouse does not fit, missing patch, etc.) or email should include "SUPPLY REQUEST" in the subject line:

RIBBONS/AWARDS - use this to send in documentation for any ribbons or awards (report cards, community service hours, claim a recruitment referral, outside certification for marksman, etc.) or email should include "RIBBONS/AWARDS DOCUMENTS" in the subject line:

TRAININGS - use this to request a training that you have already identified you would like to attend after searching the Training Listings or email should include "REQUEST A TRAINING" in the subject line: